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  1. Frequently Asked 

    1. I have two PCs, do I need to buy KeyRocket Premium for each? No!
    2. How can I contribute shortcuts of a particular application.
    3. Turning off a specific tip.
    4. Shortcut Conflicts - What can I do when a shortcut is already in use?
    5. KeyRocket not working (not showing any tips)
  2. Corporate Use 

    1. Can I install KeyRocket without administrator rights ?
    2. Can KeyRocket be used in a larger organization?
    3. How to cancel KeyRocket Business Subscription?
    4. Is there a Business Case with more information about the productivity effects from KeyRocket?
    5. Is there a test version of KeyRocket ?
  3. KeyRocket Manual (HowTo) 

    1. What does KeyRocket do? Why do people need KeyRocket?
    2. Installation - how to install KeyRocket
    3. Features Explained
    4. Options Menu
    5. How to create a Custom Shortcut
  4. KeyRocket Installation Issues 

    1. Is there an alternative/offline installer - MSI installer?
    2. After installation nothing happened and I have Norton Internet Security Installed.
    3. How to activate (unlock) KeyRocket Premium? Where can I enter my license?
    4. Do I need to be online for the software to work?
    5. Error during installation HRESULT : 0x800736B3
  5. SlideProof 

    1. SlideProof Add-In is disabled (after every restart).
    2. SlideProof Prefrences & Event Protocol Location
    3. How to disable automatic updates for SlideProof?
    4. Install SlideProof for a different user or for all users per machine.
  6. KeyRocket for Gmail (Chrome Extension) 

    1. Frontier Version of the Chrome Extension "Shortcuts for Gmail"
    2. Enable Debug Output in KeyRocket for Chrome?
    3. How to turn KeyRocket for Gmail off?
  7. All articles 

    1. How can feedback data be kept local and not uploaded.
    2. Can I install KeyRocket without administrator rights ?
    3. How can I get in touch with you ?
    4. Frontier Version of the Chrome Extension "Shortcuts for Gmail"
    5. How to change or reset my password when I forgot it?
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